Life During Wartime


Stage Drama/Comedy. Off Off Broadway. Performed August 25 -
September 10, 2000 at the Currican Theatre, NYC. Inertia Productions.
Cast Features Eric Walton, Aaron Stanford, Danielle Liccardo, Eric Alperin,
Missy Thomas, Nathan Flower
Directed by Kevin Kittle
Written by Keith Reddin
RITTEN JUST AFTER the end of the Reagan era, Keith Reddin's black comedy pits inexperienced and impressionable youth against forces skilled in the theory and practice of avarice, with disastrous results. The play follows Tommy (Stanford), a young and eager fellow just hired as a sales representative by a company that sells and installs home-security systems. While learning the business from his cynical and felonious boss Heinrich (Walton), he falls in love with his first customer, Gale (Liccardo), an older single mother with a teenage son (Alprin). He is faced with a life-altering moral choice when he discovers that his company uses its access into customers' homes to case and then rob them.

"Aaron Stanford captured Tommy's mixture of youthful bravado and growing maturity with a plaintive, haunting truth." --Doug DeVita, Off Off Broadway Review