Oscar dining Duke and Eve at Christmas party Jim and Gabe at table
  Tadpole (2002) Rick (2004) Winter Solstice (2005)
Carly & Michael Wedding party photo Doug the Reluctant Traveler
Runaway(n.d.) Standing Still (2006) The Hills Have Eyes (2006)
  Lagrand and Rugged consider their options Traveler poster Neal & Willie in the cereal bar
  Live Free or Die (2007) Traveler (2007) Flakes (2007)
Anthony looking in a mirror Beagle & Georgia Fear Itself logo
Holy Money(n.d.) The Cake Eaters (2009) echoes (2009)


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12 Monkeys The Cake Eaters Fear Itself season 1 episode 12, "Echoes" Flakes The Hills Have Eyes Holy Money How I Got Lost Live Free or Die Mad Men season 3 episode 4, "The Arrangements" Nikita Runaway Tadpole Traveler Winter Solstice X2: X-Men United X3: The Last Stand